Sunday, May 13, 2007

From the fortune cookie: Customer Service

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A new facination of mine is collecting the little 'fortunes' inside the cookie. Its like astrology, the message is always something that you can relate too and believe (if you want to) that it was fate that you got that cookie.

So this recent cookie I had said "Customer service is like taking a bath; you have to keep doing it". Now I could definitely use that bit of advice, especially when I'm just starting out with my Etsy. The most 'scary' part of this whole process to me is when i get ready to ship out the item. I look at the card carefully, make sure its in great shape, put it into its envelope, take it out a few seconds later, put it back ... pack it into the 'shipping' envelope, double, triple check to make sure everythings in, resist the urge to open it up and check again, and finally take a deep breath and seal it .. phew! And I'll be wondering if it'll arrive safely and in the same condition it left me, if it will meet the new owner's expectations and even better fall in love with it. But that's all part of the exciting process :)

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