Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hello April, Hello Spring.

Hello April, Hello Spring., originally uploaded by desireux.

Here's wishing you an April that's filled with sunny skies, yummy treats, baby animals and all pretty things.

These few days ice-cream has been constantly on my mind! The best custard in town, Jarling's Custard Cup is open for the season. My favorite is the plain and simple vanilla sundae + cold fudge. Then one Friday during spring break, my lab-mate suggested going to get ice-cream. So, off we went to Cold Stone. I haven't always been a fan of Cold Stone, I've actually been there only once before this trip because I find their ice-cream very sweet. But ... I tried their tart and tangy frozen yogurt + white chocolate chips and it was SO good. It tasted just home-made yogurt, just frozen, and the tangy-ness combined with the sweetness was just perfect. Guess what, I started craving it the whole weekend, and ended up having more on Sunday :P

Experimenting with frames.

Experimenting with frames., originally uploaded by desireux.

Here's the rest of the lolspeak cards. From now onwards, I think i'm going to upload photos in this collage-frame-format. I'm liking the float-y effect.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just spring and I'm enjoying ice-cream

My oh my, it's already the third week of March. The past two weeks have just been a big blur... late late nights in lab, coming home past midnight, then tending to my beloved pop-ups. My preliminary examination (big exam in the middle of grad school) is less than a month away and part of it is writing a proposal (which is due in a few days!).

Fortunately the weather has been rather spring-y, and I've managed to squeeze little moments of joy like enjoying a sherbert popsicle on the quad. It's amazing how little things like this can help maintain one's sanity. And ... this weekend I also spent a little time at the mall! What a wonderful two hours it was. The highlight of my shopping adventure was finding the perfect jumper. I was just about to leave the store when Taylor Swift's Love Story started playing, so I just hung around to listen to it. It was there and then where I spotted the jumper. It was exactly what I had imagined the perfect jumper to be! Of course I had to get it :)

Anyway, back to pop-ups. I'm also working on my Mother's Day collection so it should be up before the end of March.

Ok, signing off now, and off to bed so that I can wake up fresh and ready to write. Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My new stash arrived!

My new stash arrived!, originally uploaded by desireux.

My spring colors have arrived! They are SO happy looking. I've already made some very fresh looking spring-themed pop-up cards (think bunnys, lots of greens, bees ..) and they are up in the store. Very excited! Actual photos will follow soon.