Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Four adorable Owls

I made a batch of cards to include with the pop-up cards when they go to their new owners. They were very fun to make, and I think look much cuter than my previous black and white ones printed at Office Max. I found four hand stamps, each of an adorable owl and another that says "thank you". These go on one side, and on the other side, I have my info also stamped on. A few months ago, I saw a tutorial on The Storque on how to make business cards. It's here if you want to take a look. They used a customizable stamp and that was the first time I've heard of it. So, last weekend, I went to Staples and managed to find something similar. I'm very happy with it- not only is it customizable (you can change the letters many times), but it looks kind of "rustic", which matches my owls =)

I'm planning to do my own mini tutorial for these pink cards, so stay tuned!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Welcoming Fall

Welcoming Fall, originally uploaded by desireux.

The weather forecast predicts that we will finally have "fall-like" temperatures in the coming week. Now, whether that is true or not is another story, but in between pop-ups and lab, I've managed to squeeze in a little bit of knitting. Having been more than a year since I picked up my needles, it took a few experimental casting-ons before I got the hang of it and could knit almost through feeling. My scarf (oh it is a lovely blue that will go really well with my maroon cardigan) is already about a foot and a half long, so hopefully sometime next week I can wear it =)

The pop-up card on the right is also in preparation for the cooler months ahead . It is an improved version of my Falling Leaves card designed last year. This one is waaay cooler- there's the cutest little blue bird perched on the fence. The cover is a warmer brown, makes the autumnal colors really pop!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mr. Owl was on Explore!

Mr. Owl's Haunted Castle, originally uploaded by desireux.

Mr. Owl was really thrilled to be on Flickr's Explore. I was just as thrilled. Of all my Halloween Pop-Ups he's my favorite!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

The Sweetest Thing, originally uploaded by desireux.

I received this in the mail, a really thoughtful thank you card. I read the message and it made me all warm and fuzzy inside *big smile*.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Experiment 10-31: The Results

The EyeBall Experiment, originally uploaded by desireux.

After the teaser, here are the results of my experiment. My hypothesis held its ground, the eyeballs really do float in Pink Potion #5 =)

Initially I wanted to make an "eyeball" martini ... replacing the classic olive with an oh so juicy eyeball. But I've been toying with the idea of pop-up cards with colorful potions in various test tubes and beakers, so I thought why not incorporate it into a Halloween theme. After all, a crazy scientist with his potent chemicals, not to mention eyeballs! always makes a good horror show :P

This is also my first pop-up card where I've incorporated some hand-drawn elements onto the card itself. The red veins on the eyeballs are done with a red sharpie. I'm quite pleased with how they make the eyeballs a little bit more spooky.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Experiment 10-31

A study of eyeball densitiy, originally uploaded by desireux.

Experiment 10-31.

Hypothesis: Eyeballs will float in Potion #5 (CH2COOH-PO4) and sink in Potion #876 (NH4-ClCH3).

Method: Harvest fresh eyeballs from your organism of choice. Prepare potions with extreme caution. Gently drop eyeballs into potions.

Results: Stay tuned!

[ No eyeballs were harmed in the making of "Experiment 10-31". Please do not attempt to make Potions #5 and #876 ]

Monday, September 8, 2008

Thank You!

Thank You!, originally uploaded by desireux.

A big, warm thank you to TalliB and OldWaysForTheseDays for including i Love U in their beautiful treasuries.

Talli's Coffee and Berry color scheme gives such a energetic vibe (not to mention all that caffeine!), while I feel all warm and fuzzy looking at OldWay's No White After Labor Day.

Talli creates funky winter accessories so if you are looking to stand out from the crowd this cold season, do check out her Etsy store. OldWaysFor TheseDays has a love for vintage and it shows in her store filled with very pretty "rescued" vintage pieces.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Back in the Store ...

, originally uploaded by desireux.

If you are looking for a special Eid ul-Fitr card for your family and friends this year, look no further. Just stop by Pop-Ups by tracychong , as they are once again making their annual appearance in the store. Featuring a pop-up mosque against a rich, plum background, this card is sure to impress!

Monday, September 1, 2008

All that glitters

All that glitters, originally uploaded by desireux.

It's been a wonderfully productive weekend so far. I love three day weekends.

I woke up Saturday morning, feeling very happy that I could wake up without the alarm clock for two more days. Went to lab, and saw results that gave me hope. Finally, the long hours and multiple trouble shooting steps of the past few weeks are paying off. It was then off to a potluck BBQ with great food, old friends, new acquaintances and a short, fun game of frisbee. And great sunny weather!

I came home and continued working on a set of gold and wine pop-up wedding invitations. The color combination looks really classy, the bride-to-be has great taste! I'm in the finishing stages of this custom order and things are going great. Can't wait to see the rows of finished cards. I always get a thrill out of lining up the cards and admiring them before shipping them out =)

Before sleeping last night, I was in a semi-lucid state and ideas for my Halloween line of pop-up cards just kept coming. I love it when that happens. So today, I spent some time with the music playing in the background, lying on my bed, sketching them out. I can't wait to see them take a three dimensional form!

And yay, I can wake up late tomorrow ... life is good.