Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Love You

I Love You
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So here I am back again, after more than a month of silence. What have I been up to since my last post? I went to California, had 9 wonderful days, flew back and January just flew by!

It's just the first month of the year, but there's some exciting stuff going on. It's my first time teaching, and I'm loving the planning and seeing students happy when their experiments work. I'm taking my first business class and I've never been so excited about a class before. Tomorrow, we will start our first simulation called MarketPlace. For the next six weeks, we will execute a marketing strategy where we have to come up with a brand (we're selling computers!), figure out the pricing, media placement, distribution, sales force and get rated on customer satisfaction. Hopefully my little experience with tracychong on Etsy will help and what I learn in this class will be applicable to it too.

It's also my first Valentine's on Etsy, so I've launched a set of cards with something in mind for everyone. There's Loving You which features a kissing couple (aww!), perfect for romantic souls to Chain of Hearts which would be great for your best friend. And of course, there's the classic "I Love You" to spread the love =)

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Linus Linnaeus said...

and i love you too :P

love one another as i love you....
how are you friend....i am home in sarawak for chinese new year...don't think you happen to be?

California huh? specifically which part?I was there last year...in hollywood...wanted to see it for myself

planning my US trip for this august n sept...will ask my girlfriend if she wanna pop by your place too.Be nice to see you and talk after so long... :)

i met an old friend too recently...pop by my blog friend...