Thursday, November 6, 2008

Transient Beauty

Transient Beauty, originally uploaded by desireux.

The beauty of autumnal colors is often short lived. One day, everything around you is a warm gold, but it takes no more than a gusty afternoon and all you have left are naked branches. I was glad I walked a little slower to lunch on Tuesday.

The weather in Urbana-Champaign was lovely a few days ago. Even though it was November, I could wear my shorts out. It felt like I was in California! Even though I was feeling rather tired this week, the perfect weather and gorgeous colors were enough to make me smile. Today however was a day of thunderstorms. All the pretty colors were on the floor in muddy puddles. Soon the trees will be bare and cold, but winter has its own beauty, and it's approaching fast.


worldangel said...

I miss UIUC during Fall season! It is my fave season when I was still in US...

Btw, I added you to my link list in my blog =)

~ tracychong ~ said...

Thanks! Now it's quite cold and wet already. Not so nice..