Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Stew

Sunday Stew, originally uploaded by desireux.

I woke up kind of earlier than expected this morning and decided to get started on my beef stew. I've been more fond of potatoes than usual this past week or so, thus added sweet potatoes and normal red skinned potatoes. After about 7 hours in the crock pot, the potatoes were so nice. They still held their shape but were soft and so satisfying! I still have mashed potatoes in the fridge, whole uncooked potatoes on the kitchen counter, and a bag of baby potatoes with 4 cheese sauce ready to be microwaved. I guess this week is potato week?

If you are interested in what else is in the stew, just click on the photo, I've listed the ingredients on my flickr page.

Ok, goodnight. I know my Monday will be super busy just because I was supposed to work on a lab presentation this weekend but didn't. Hope your week goes well!

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