Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bats In The Dark

Bats In The Dark
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This is the second design in my Halloween series of pop-up cards. I have to say, this is my favorite so far. Will be going to cut another card I designed last night, this time it's for sweethearts ...

Once when I was living in the dorms, I opened my door and lying outside was a baby bat! I had no idea how it got in there, the whole place is air-conditioned and the windows are hardly opened, and there is netting too. It was rather adorable, furry body and beady eyes, but it was dying. I didn't know what to do so I reported it to the front desk, but no one seemed to think it was a big deal that there was a sick little bat lying outside my door. Unfortunately, it died soon after that.

By the way, I just discovered a new group, Plain White T's and I love their song Hey There Delilah!

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Linus Linnaeus said...

Dear Tracy,'s been a long time....actually hardly know you aside from the hellos before and after competition and occasionally being up on stage receiving prizes...hahahah...those were the days...glad to see you are still doing doing it fulltime? where are you based now?

I ended up graduating in fine arts and am currently trying to be a filmmaker.

my movie will open in sarawak cinemas in October 2007 if you are around do let me know...

I am currently in the states for a month long holiday. Quite tired as my girlfriend's idea of a holiday is the amazing race...but it's a short time I've seen to go now...

do write me an email at