Sunday, September 30, 2007

In preparation

Many uses of Miller lite
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My exams are finally over (for the time being) so I used the weekend to shop around for supplies, get up to date on figures, make more cards, and prepare packaging materials. I'm now using empty cereal & beer :P cardboard boxes (which have never been in direct contact with food, of course) to protect my handmade cards. It's a good way to recycling, they look nice and colorful, and best of all are not too heavy, which brings down the shipping cost. The cardboard, pop-up card, name card and a little note of thanks all go inside a ziplock bag for further protection against the elements; and of they go to their new home.

Tomorrow is October and only 30 more days to Halloween! I want to dress up as a decapitated ghost like this very cool Marie Antionette I saw on Gizmodo last year. If I'm serious about doing it, I better start soon as it looks rather complicated.

Also, I'm very happy that more people are showing interest in my Bats In The Dark and Cats In The Dark pop-ups. Do have a peek at them ... and they'll all be looking back at you :)

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