Sunday, October 7, 2007

Daddy Long Legs ... finally becomes a reality

Daddy Long Legs ...
Originally uploaded by desireux.

For the past two weeks, daddy long legs has been swimming in my head. I had the idea and was looking for the spider- either a sticker, small plastic toy or even a small spider puncher but I just couldn't find a suitable one. They were either too big, too crude, too expensive, or just plain ugly. Then, I was playing around with making it out of wire.. and so on. Finally, I just 'saw' how daddy long legs could be made in an efficient way, not to mention so adorable! Well, I made him and his web earlier tonight, took some photos and now it's on Etsy. I'm happy :)

Also, I'll be in the Etsy Halloween Showcase today, for 24 hours so do check it out. There'll be other cool Halloween creations too.

PS: look at daddy long leg's eyes.. the punch (see last entry) is proving useful.


Trihardist said...

Yay! A blog! I came over from dA. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff.

Rot said...

Your work is fantastic. I especially love your Halloween pieces.