Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tool Time

Bats in progress
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Finally got myself two different sized punches. One's 1/16" and another is 1/8". I've been debating whether to get them for the longest time, because many times, I have bought tools thinking they would help but I end up not using them. So this time I thought hard and long, and decided that yes, they will save time and make my work better. They have been rather useful, I use the 1/16" ones to make my bat's eyes, yay! no more hand cutting dozens of little orange circles. Plus, I think they make my work look so much neater and more professional. The punches I got were from McGill and I'm satisfied with the quality of their punching; clean smooth egdes on cardstock. They do seem a bit tough but I also think that's because my hands are small.

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