Thursday, December 13, 2007

Pasadena here I come

Pasadena here I come
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I'm so excited!

I managed to get Rose Bowl tickets!

Initially when the tickets went on sale for the season ticket holders, there were a couple on Craigslist going for 500/pair. I thought they were a good deal but didn't get them.

So, on the 11th the ticket sales were open to the public. Around 23,000 tickets reserved by Illinois were already sold and there were only 2000+ left. I was contemplating going the night before to queue up, but then decided i wasn't willing to do so :P

Woke up at 6 something that morning, the weather was horrible. Cold icy rain.. so I snuggled in bed a little while more and then took the bus to Assembly Hall. Reached about 8am, expecting to see a long long line, but to my *joy* I saw that the line wasn't too long! A little smile was appearing on my face.

Although they were supposed to sell the tickets at 9am, they started early and by 8.20 am I was jumping up and down and calling my friend because I had the tickets (actually just receipt at that time) in hand.

This morning, the UPS guy came knocking and I tore open the envelope to see my shiny crisp tickets. I'm going to be in the Rose Bowl with 97,000 other fans. Hopefully I'll be with the other Illini fans, can't wait to go get a new orange shirt with maybe an orange hairband!

Can't wait!! .... but I've to get through two more finals. Yay.

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