Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just spring and I'm enjoying ice-cream

My oh my, it's already the third week of March. The past two weeks have just been a big blur... late late nights in lab, coming home past midnight, then tending to my beloved pop-ups. My preliminary examination (big exam in the middle of grad school) is less than a month away and part of it is writing a proposal (which is due in a few days!).

Fortunately the weather has been rather spring-y, and I've managed to squeeze little moments of joy like enjoying a sherbert popsicle on the quad. It's amazing how little things like this can help maintain one's sanity. And ... this weekend I also spent a little time at the mall! What a wonderful two hours it was. The highlight of my shopping adventure was finding the perfect jumper. I was just about to leave the store when Taylor Swift's Love Story started playing, so I just hung around to listen to it. It was there and then where I spotted the jumper. It was exactly what I had imagined the perfect jumper to be! Of course I had to get it :)

Anyway, back to pop-ups. I'm also working on my Mother's Day collection so it should be up before the end of March.

Ok, signing off now, and off to bed so that I can wake up fresh and ready to write. Happy Monday everyone!

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