Sunday, July 1, 2007

The iPhone

Apple store, Chicago
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The iPhone is beautiful. My Etsy looks great on it. But the iPhone is not mine.

One day I will have my own. I think it will be a great, portable way to show people my Etsy store and my Flickr.

On Friday we went to the AT&T store in Savoy, and was very much surprised to see about 80 people in line! There was a lady attending to the lines but she refused to say if they have enough phones to go round, saying instead "we've got quite a few boxes, but we have no idea how many are inside" and that was after they had started selling them. Not surprisingly, they ran out of phones after only a few customers, and after we had stood in line for 50 minutes.

Next stop, Chicago Apple store on Saturday. The phone was actually in stock. There was a crowd but it was a happy, controlled crowd. Check out my flickr set to see more.

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