Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Fluttering here and there, originally uploaded by desireux.

So here it is, the final version of my fluttering hummingbirds. Definitely looks much cleaner and less cluttered. With the previous version , I kept feeling that something was not right, but now I'm very happy with it.

As for photographing the pop-ups, I'm experimenting with using a plain white backdrop for a fresher look. I've found it works well for some cards but not others. Anyway, now my Etsy store has a combination of photos using both the new backdrop and my usual black/grey gradient one.

This card is part of my Valentine's Day collection of pop-up cards, which you can find here.


SLM said...

Very nice. I'll be ordering one soon for V-day.

worldangel said...

Looks amazing, Tracy :D I agree this one looks better compared to the other one. I want to order one but I don't if you send much is it to send a card to Singapore?

~ tracychong ~ said...

SLM, thanks!

worldangel, I do send internationally. Msg me through facebook/msn if you want one. Thanks for your suggestions too!