Friday, January 2, 2009

More color, please ...

, originally uploaded by desireux.

This year you'll be seeing a much more colorful me.

I'll use more colors in my pop-up cards.

I'm going to include more color in my outfits, right now I'm loving reds.

and shoes.. oh yes, colorful shoes :)


worldangel said...

I need to get more colorful clothes. Right now my wardrobe only contained neutral colors like white, black, beige and gray. Not very interesting I would say.

~ tracychong ~ said...

Yea, I keep wanting to add more color, but when I wake up and am in such a hurry getting dressed to go to work, neutrals are so easy to throw on :)

WristBandMan said...

lately reading using RSS reader... so seldom comment


i bought a long long scarf... twice the length from my neck to waist... and it's red & white horizontal stripes~~ =D